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  • All returns must be made WITHIN 14 DAYS of the original purchase to be eligible for a refund OR store credit.

  • All returned items must be in LIKE NEW condition.

  • Damaged and/or worn items are NOT eligible for return, refund, or store credit.

  • All returns require a receipt OR the payment card OR gift card used for the transaction.

  • All returns for cash transactions REQUIRE a receipt.

  • All returns with a GIFT RECEIPT are eligible for STORE CREDIT ONLY.

  • Gift Cards are NOT eligible for return or refund.

  • Discounts and coupons are NOT eligible for refund, re-issue, or store credit.

  • Store Credit is issued as a physical or electronic gift card.

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  • Customer is responsible for ALL return shipping, transport, packaging, insurance, and handling costs, which may also include personal time and effort, fuel surcharges, holding fees, custom fees, and/or other government taxes and fees.

  • Fulfillment of an online order that contains the item(s) selected AND is shipped to the address matching the order is NOT in error. A customer entered incorrect address, care-of, and/or recipient OR a customer mistaken item(s) selection IS NOT a fulfillment error.

  • We are responsible for reasonable return shipping and handling costs, excluding customer personal time and effort, IF the cause for return was a result of our fulfillment error OR damage as a result of shipping or carrier handling. At our discretion, we may not require return of the item(s) at which time the customer is responsible for any and all costs for disposal of item(s) and packaging.

  • Shipment receipt is determined by the carrier documentation of delivery, which includes the carrier recorded date and time.

  • We and our carriers are not responsible for any item(s) or packaging after shipment receipt.

  • Damage or fulfillment claims are not eligible for item(s) that are lost, stolen, or damaged after shipment receipt, even if delivery was not made to a person, authorized person, or addressed recipient.

  • Claims must be sent to WITHIN 24 HOURS of shipment receipt and must include pictures of damaged item(s) and packaging.


  • Policies, terms, and conditions as indicated on

  • ONLINE terms and conditions as listed above.


  • Purchases are NOT eligible for refund.



  • Purchases are NOT eligible for return, refund, store credit.

Gift Cards

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  • Applies to purchased physical and electronic gift cards, gift cards issued as store credit, and gift cards issued as part of a savings promotion.


  • Lost or Stolen gift cards and balances CANNOT be replaced or recovered.

  • Gift Cards are NOT eligible for return or refund.

  • Gift Cards are NOT applicable for ONLINE and ETSY store purchases.

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  • All coupons, sales, and discounts are subject to these terms and conditions

  • Coupons, sales, and discounts CANNOT be combined, unless otherwise specifically indicated

  • Coupons EXPIRE one year from issue, unless otherwise indicated on the coupon.

  • Coupons are valid for a SINGLE transaction; Unused coupon amounts/values CANNOT be applied to subsequent/future transactions or otherwise "roll-over" or maintain a "balance".

  • Regardless of the indicated coupon value or combination value CANNOT exceed the total transaction amount for which the coupon(s) is applied.

  • Coupons have NO CASH VALUE.

  • Coupons have NO STORE CREDIT VALUE.

  • Lost or Stolen coupons CANNOT be replaced or recovered.

  • Unless specifically indicated: coupons, sales, and discounts do not apply to purchases of Gift Cards.

  • Unless specifically indicated: coupons, sales, and discounts do not apply to ONLINE, ETSY, MNSF, or Special Event purchases.

  • Unless specifically indicated: coupons, sales, and discounts do not apply to ONLINE or ETSY shipping fees.

  • ONLINE and ETSY store coupons, sales, and discounts usually require special code to enter at time of checkout; otherwise the item price is as indicated.