we're sorry it didn't work out ...

  • All returns must be made within 14 days of the original purchase to be eligible for a refund or store credit.
  • All items must be in LIKE NEW condition. Damaged and/or worn items are not eligible for return/refund/store credit.
  • All returns require a receipt OR the payment card OR gift card used for the transaction.
  • All returns for cash transactions require a receipt.
  • All returns with a Gift receipt are eligible for store credit only.
  • Gift Cards are not eligible for return/refund. 
  • Discounts and coupons are not eligible for refund, re-issue, or store credit.
  • Returns are NOT applicable for ETSY store purchases.
  • MN State Fair purchases are NOT eligible for a refund.


  • Customer responsible for return shipment costs (only exceptions: fulfillment errors or shipping damage)
  • Damage claims must be made same day as shipment receipt and pictures of damaged item(s) and packaging must be sent to

Gift Cards

the perfect gift ...

  • Applies to physical and electronic gift cards
  • Lost/Stolen gift cards and balances cannot be replaced or recovered.
  • Gift Cards are not eligible for return/refund.
  • Gift Cards are NOT applicable for ETSY store purchases.

our thanks to you ...

  • All coupons, sales, and discounts are subject to these terms/conditions
  • Coupons, sales, and discounts cannot be combined, unless otherwise specifically indicated
  • Coupons expire one year from issue, unless otherwise indicated on the coupon.
  • Coupons are valid for a SINGLE transaction; Unused coupon amounts/values CANNOT be applied to subsequent/future transactions or otherwise "roll-over" or maintain a "balance".
  • Regardless of the indicated coupon value or combination value CANNOT exceed the total transaction amount for which the coupon(s) is applied.
  • Coupons have NO CASH value.
  • Coupons have NO STORE CREDIT value.
  • Lost/Stolen coupons cannot be replaced or recovered.
  • Unless specifically indicated: coupons, sales, and discounts do not apply to purchases of Gift Cards
  • Savings are NOT applicable for ETSY store purchases.


ending the year just right ...

  • Offer subject to end or change at any time
  • All other policies regarding savings and gift cards apply


  • Offer Valid from 11/24/2017 8am - 11/27/2017 6pm CST
  • In-store ONLY - (not valid for ETSY or Online)
  • Gift Card reward not eligible for use on same day as original rewarding transaction
  • $100 spend threshold is calculated BEFORE any applicable taxes
  • Coupons or other discounts cannot be combined with this offer
  • Clearance (Red Dot & Blue Dot) item discounts can be used with its offer; spend threshold is calculated AFTER any clearance discounts


  • Offer Valid 11/27/2017 6am - 11:59pm CST at
  • Free Shipping not applicable for international orders (outside United States)
  • Not valid for ETSY

Black Friday and Beyond  & Cyber Monday Deals

(2017 DEALS)