Late Winter Decorating

Baby, it’s cold outside!  True story. This week’s below zero wind chills taunt us in the frozen north, as we pile on the heating blankets.

But, don’t let the dark, cold days of winter get you down!  Instead, renew your spirit with these fresh, late winter decorating tips and you’ll be celebrating the idea of cozying up in your home for a couple more months...

Change Out Your Art and Stack It

Art is one of the easiest ways to freshen up a room. Try rotating prints based on the colors in the room or stacking several prints together for dimension. Perhaps it isn’t your art that needs a refresh? Try highlighting your prints and photos with new frames.  If you’re in need of a real statement piece, think outside of the frame. These inspirational wall tarps are one of our best sellers. And if you need more inspiration, you’ll get it here with our wide range of artwork and custom framing.

Add Life with Plants

Add life to your home with a plant or two (or ten!). We are big fans of fresh greenery because it helps purify the air and gives a sense of relaxation.  And of course, you can’t go wrong with the aesthetic of plants. They’re neutral enough that you tuck them in anywhere. We recommend having at least one plant per room to freshen the space and add life to your home, which is especially good for the soul in the dead of winter.  While everything outside is sleeping beneath the snow, the sight of your houseplants growing by the window is enough to brighten up even the grayest of days.

Candles, Candles Everywhere

What’s not to love about candles? They’re even more inviting come winter when the flickering lights give off a homey, cozy glow. Find a scent you love and stick with it!  Make it the signature scent for your home; one that guests will expect to smell each time they visit. And, when they comment on how much they love it, you’ll have that next “perfect gift” in the bag!  

Freshen Linens and Pillows

When it comes to “nesting,” there’s nothing quite as fresh as new throw pillows on the couch. Who’s with us? There is something symbolic about replacing pillows each season. With late winter, you can still stick with the cozy, comfortable theme, but try adding some pops of color or fun textures to liven up the space. On a mission? You can freshen all of the linens in your home; throws, kitchen towels and bedsheets. Sticking with an overall color theme will keep harmony in your home.

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Layer Rugs

When the harshness of winter surrounds us, coming home is all about indulging in comfort without sacrificing style. That’s why we are head-over-heels for layering rugs!  Your living room rug will get a facelift simply by adding a fun, new layer to the top. Try layering something furry, textured or bright. Wintertime is perfect for pulling in fluffy sheepskins or classic cow or deer hides (your Minnesota hunter will be proud!).  Introducing your old rug to a new counterpart will freshen up the space and make your floors feel new again.

Late winter decorating should be simple, but it should also exude energy.  Entering the home stretch of winter is so much easier when your home is your favorite place to be...  If you need a little design help or have a question, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at and our design experts will be happy to help.