Back-to-School Design for your little ones...

As summer draws to a close, and everyone is thinking about “back to school,” we wanted to share some fun ideas for kids’ design in the form of little workspaces… Putting some time and love into your kids’ homework area might just make them want to do their homework!  Maybe.

Weathered rustic is always our go-to for core pieces, and this kids' desk is no exception!  A fantastic vintage find, it's also a fairly easy style to mimic, with its sawtooth legs and long, door-like top...  A functional, neutral piece like this allows you to pull the space any which direction.

Vintage school desks are a lovely way to add some layered charm to a modern room!  An easy update is painting the metal base with a bright white enamel.  It's an easy DIY: just unscrew the base from the top, and then take it to a well-ventilated area and spray paint away!  Make sure you use a water-based enamel with a built-in primer, like Rust-Oleum.  It's worth the extra couple of dollars for good coverage and soap + water clean-up!

house chalkboard:

Chalkboards are a fun and budget-friendly way of letting their artistic juices flow and working out those math problems long-hand (because you never know when you might be without your iPhone calculator)...  Nudge, nudge, we build custom chalkboards!

Chalkboard wall:

If you've got the room, a chalkboard wall is a great way to define the space!  You can go all the way up, or use painters' tape to create a pattern along the top.  For our chalkboard wall at the store, we used Rust-Oleum brand (not to be confused with chalk paint, which is for furniture).  

Vintage map: 

In this day and age of Google Earth, it can be refreshing to lay eyes on an old-fashioned map or globe. Beautifully colored and designed, though not necessarily accurate, they can add a touch of adventure, which is a definite plus in a kid's room!

And, for your blossoming artist, may we suggest our very own art supply caddies...made from reclaimed oak and filled with crayons, markers, and colored pencils!  Available at Piccadilly Prairie (while supplies last).

welcome home.