Summer, Summer, Summertime...Creating Fun Displays with Vintage Games

Summertime is here, with long days spent at the lake and playing good, old yard games like badminton.  By re-envisioning some of these classic hot weather pastimes, it’s easy to incorporate a playful, summer-y feel into your home or cabin!  

Vintage collectibles, from croquet mallets to game boards, are often replete with bright colors and graphics.  With a little imagination and a trip to the hardware store, you can create displays that will bring the sunshine in!

These croquet mallets are simply balanced atop long nails on either side.  If you have little kids or large dogs that might easily upset your display, you can add sawtooth hangers to either end of the mallet, and then use metal picture hangers with nails in the wall to keep them secure.

The bright colors, clean lines, and symmetry of the mallets make for a fun display that fits easily into any room!

Carrom boards are another fun, graphic choice that can add some punch to a dull wall!  Simply screw key hooks in along the bottom, and add a stick-on mirror tile in the center for a clever entryway piece that’s cabin-perfect!  Use D-rings on either side of the back to keep it nice and steady, as keys and the dog’s leash go on and off.  The simple red & green pallette swings easily from summer into winter… 

Bowls & baskets of orbs have long been a decorating go-to...spice up a tired display by using vintage pool balls instead!
These are just a few ideas to get your mind churning...but the possibilities are endless!  Visit our brick & mortar store at Southdale or our online Etsy store for more suggestions and to create your own inspired, summer displays.

welcome home.