2017 Design Trends - What's Hot Now + How to Incorporate it Into Your Space

Springtime means freshening up and breathing new energy into languid rooms. After the cleaning and organizing, adding a new element -such as a wood wall- or just swapping out some accessories can make all the difference! 

Between television and social media, style trends are spreading quicker than ever. Here are some of the 2017 design trends that are inspiring us- we hope they inspire you!

     The Modern Farmhouse style has exploded in popularity. Why? It's that this style provides a juxtaposition to the rest of our lives.  With everyone's hectic schedule -work deadlines, kids' sports, and the constant stream of updates on our mobile devices- coming home to a space that's clean and natural, with just the right amount of "nostalgia," can bring a calming sense of balance to lives that are anything but.

     This entryway incorporates a number of elements typically found in the Modern Farmhouse style: 

1. Lots of white + natural light-- choose a clean, neutral white (we love Benjamin Moore's Simply White), and ditch the fussy drapes or shades that are blocking your windows for natural colored shades (either fabric or fiber) that fit inside your window frames...or, if privacy's not an issue, leave your windows completely exposed.

2. Shiplap-- this popular take on "wood walls" continues with the white theme...installed horizontally or vertically and painted white, it adds texture and depth without the clutter. There's even a removable "shiplap wallpaper" out there.

3. Speaking of clutter-- cut down on the accessorizing. Instead of myriads of small knick-knacks lining a shelf or mantel, choose 2 or 3 larger pieces.  They'll add drama and interest without being too busy.  And, when selecting those highlights, opt for natural materials, including one plant or bouquet of branches (in a striking container, of course).

4. And, lastly, that table... reclaimed wood is going nowhere anytime soon (thank goodness!).  The character and age it gives to a room can't be faked, not even with the best repros.  Opt for something clean, but as rustic as possible. You won't believe the difference it makes!


     This picture really illustrates how the seamlessly a Modern Farmhouse look can blend with other styles. The sliding barn door (classic "farmhouse") is given a more modern look with the triangular wood pattern and sleek, black handle. The fiddle leaf fig in the wicker basket and a pink chindi rug add just a touch of bohemian.  

     And we can't be sure, but we're wondering if that wooden wall hanging on the left might just be one of our very own Minnesota makers?

Handmade, reclaimed wood art $525, available at Piccadilly Priarie.

welcome home.