Piccadilly How-To's: Aging photos & postcards

We all love the look of old, weathered photos & postcards.  But, is it possible to create that same time-loved look while using new prints?  Absolutely!  And, believe us when we say: no one will know the difference!

What you'll need:

  • shallow pan (we like enamel)
  • very hot water
  • wooden spoon
  • black tea bags (Lipton works well)
  • dishdrainer or drying rack where the pics can stand up

Hang 4-6 tea bags over the edges of your pan, while your water is heating.  Lay 1-3 prints on top of the tea bags.  When the water is nearly boiling, pour it into the pan, over the tea bags and prints, until the prints are nearly covered.  


Put a lid on it, and let the prints soak for at least five minutes as the tea steeps.  During this time, you can periodically stir the brew, so the pictures are entirely covered.  The edges may curl...don't worry about it; we will straighten them out later!


You can leave the photos in the tea for up to twenty minutes (for an average postcard thickness).  We don't recommend longer than that, as the paper may start to disintegrate.  Take them out when you're happy with the amount of "aging."  Straighten them carefully -bend the edges back in, flatten the centers so they're not rolled- and then prop them upright in a dish-drainer until they're dry.  


Once they're completely dry (overnight is always a safe bet!), stack them all together and sandwich them inside a thick, heavy book (we use a dictionary).  Leave them for another day or two, until they're reasonably flat. 


And, there you have it!  A lovely, aged look for your not-so-antique images!!  In the below picture, all of these postcards were purchased new last summer in Paris.  The ones on the left have not been aged and have a very "fresh" look.  The ones on the right have been aged, using this exact process.


We hope this How-To has been useful...happy "making!" :)

Piccadilly ONLINE

We wish each and every one of you could walk through our front door...the air lightly scented with the burning of a lavender candle, the chandelier bulbs a-sparkling and bouncing light off of vintage mirrors & glass, a little 1960s French pop playing in the background.  But, alas, we realize that many of you live far away, or simply do not have the luxury of carving time out of your busy schedules to SHOP SMALL!

We are, therefore, pleased to announce that in the coming new year, you will be able to shop at Piccadilly Prairie from the comfort of your living room couch, office chair, or small, desert island in the middle of the Pacific!  We will maintain shops on Etsy and Ebay, and along with pics on Facebook.  Our goods will arrive right at your doorstep, and we will do our best to include a little of our Piccadilly ambience in that box... ;) 

Junk Bonanza -fall 2014

The State Fair is underway, the kids are (almost) back in school, and Junk Bonanza is just around the corner!!  

The change of seasons from summer to autumn always has a bittersweet feel...but this show is definitely part of the sweetness! ;)  

Dates are 9/25-27...find out more info at www.junkbonanza.com.  And, yes, we'll be there!  As soon as we know which booth, we'll let you know -either here or on our FB page.

Friday, May 9th 7-9pm "Piccadilly Spring Market"


Opening weekend for all things spring, garden, fresh & homespun- and best of all, vintage!- It's time to come out of hibernation and celebrate the season's renewal...
Our SPRING EVENT will kick off its opening night on Friday, May 9th.  Come early for the best selection!
Bring a friend!  Bring your mom!  Come for the wine, stay for the vintage...or is it the other way around? ;)

Cottage Paint is our (new) middle name!

We've been selling Cottage Paint at Piccadilly Prairie for the past few months, and are just now adding a class schedule to our offerings! 

Join us for our first Introductory to Cottage Paint class on Wednesday, February 26th, at 7pm, where you will learn the ins-and-outs of the paint, waxes, varnishes, and brushes we carry.  You'll also get hands-on experience, working with the products, providing you with both the skills and the knowledge for choosing the perfect materials for your DIY project! 

Enjoy an introductory price of just $25...but space is limited, so we suggest that you preregister ASAP: